Fine Art bronze Horse statue home decor

A walk through a gallery of fine art bronze horse statues by Equine Artist Kim Corpany.

A larger than life size bronze horse statue

Watch as a larger than life size bronze statue is assembled, finished and installed on it's pedestal.

This Arabian horse bronze is 1 and 1/2 life size.


 Equine artist Kim Corpany prefers to be able to take measurements from the actual horse and to be able to observe the horse in action, however she can work from photos and video of the horse.

Kim Corpany's bronze horse statues are sought after by art collectors worldwide. The beauty and realism of the horse in bronze is a reflection of the horses they are modeled after. The bronze horse sculpture appears ready to move, twitch an ear, and take a breath of air.

These beautiful bronze horse statues can be seen in collections in Switzerland, Brazil, Abu Dhabi UAE, Great Britain, Australia, Canada and across the United States of America.

Bronze horse statue home decor focal points for high end home design.

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